Friday, June 5, 2009

Isis Fillmore (Irving Plaza) June 2nd 09

The Fillmore (Irving Plaza) hosted Bostons heavy Band Isis on Tuesday night. Missing the opener but not the film during the break. This Visual distraction to the time between bands was extremely interesting. With puppets, hamsters, and a whole bag of tricks using stop animation sequences. Then the band descended on to the stage. First the keyboardist(Bryant Clifford Meyer) was a melodic background on the first song. Then He picked up the guitar and made the band sound change, louder, fuller. The mix of songs where he went back and forth was just right. With one Aaron (Aaron Harris) on drums and another (Aaron Turner) on lead the A's have it. The crowd seemed to get the sprawling, atmospheric mood. Some moshing down stairs, head banging upstairs, mostly entranced by Isis's dark spell. This band has a fair amount of albums to chose from, all as strange and ambitious as the band on stage. Boston will never seem the same in my mind. Never thought such a Original hard heavy band could come from Bean Town.

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