Thursday, June 18, 2009

NIN & Jane's Addiction June 6Th & 7Th, 09

Last weekend was a big one for fans of rock 'n' roll. Two big bands with two big followings at two big arenas. All original band members of Jane's Addiction on stage for the first time in over ten years, touring like they did in 1991 with NIN. When announced this sounded to good to be true. Having a chance (with a little effort) to see them twice was way worth it. The PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey has better sound and seemed like a smaller more intimate show. The Jones Beach arena has the beach, is easier to get to, and has the view of the water. This rock 'n' roller does not get out to Jersey often, in fact tries to stay away, but this was worth it. Got there late and still scored a ticket in the 6Th row for $20 bucks outside, then walked around the parking where they let everyone tail-gate to bum some drinks. Inside NIN was smokin'....a little hard to look at with all the strobe lights but wouldn't have it any other way. Playing lots from every album they where on stage for longer then expected, "Hand That Feeds", "Head Like a Hole" and of course "Hurt" highlighting a very, very heavy set. The crowed was a little disappointing though. Moving from the packed 6Th row where my ticket was back to the 10Th and 12Th row, where one could dance a NIN fan said that I "don't belong here and should go back up to the grass." Please remember that a fan that sneaks up front is risking there show to get a good look at the band might belong there more then the one that has seen the act four dozen times. This is rock 'n' roll after all. Then Jane's descended to the stage in all there glory. Perry Farrell is always spell binding, he rules the stage. This being the first time this reporter had a chance to see the whole band together, the last shows where other reincarnations with Flee and others. The importance of a band playing like the old days makes all the difference, leaving with a new respect for Navarro, and Eric Avery on bass. The back drop and effects seemed to work better in this covered stage then in the open one at the beach. Songs from high school came back to your ears like "Caught Stealing" "Oceansize" "Pigs in Zen" and an unplugged "Jane Says." Even Farrell had something to say to good fans " Those that matter don't mind & those that mind don't matter" The Jones Beach show was just a little disappointing compared. It was Cold, windy, you cant drink, but there where some highlights. The wind took some of the sound away from NIN loud set, but nothing away from Trent's stage show. When Jane's came out one could see an almost full moon high in the sky with a reflection off the water. The difference in the sound was all to apparent on "Stealing" but Farrell makes the stage and audience his, calling out New York as the whore we all are. Shows like this are the reason music fans go out in the first place.

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