Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moon Duncan Jones & Sam Rockwell

Where can we find the answer to all the worlds energy problems? The Moon, so close yet so far.... In this Sci-fi film directed by Duncan Jones, a big corporation is in charge of harvesting the moon. Not far off since all big projects now are handled by big ugly corporations. This is a one man operation on the surface, and Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is the man on the job. With his three year contract coming to an end in two weeks, he is dreaming of home. Sam's made it this long but can he keep it together for a little longer? With only Gerty (voice of Kevin Spacey) the stations computer to talk to the isolation is getting to him. Will the hallucinations, paranoia, and other mishap's keep him from his family on earth? This is a true Since fiction story, written with believable science, and wonderful fiction. One gets the feeling that Sam Rockwell is merely being him self in space. He is so relaxed with the duologue, yet serious about the subject matter. With all the white nose and stillness you would expect from space the effects are perfect for building suspense in every frame. More independent film should use Sci-fi, it does not have to be left to major commercial movie studios.

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