Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New York Dolls June 22nd, 09

By now Rock 'n' Roll is well defined, but at one time bands made it up as they went along. The New York Dolls where one such band. Before punk, before metal, before hair bands, the Dolls got down and dirty using fast riffs, pop like vocals, and androgyny to make a name for themselves. They had only two albums that are cult classics now but were concerted flops at the time. Having a chance to see the Dolls, even only two of them on stage seems like a right of passage. One that a lucky few experienced this last Monday night in Brooklyn. The Music Hall of Williamsburg is a lot like the Bowery Ballroom, and a great place to get up close and dance. They where loud, fast and so much fun to watch. Playing so many songs right after another "Stranded in the Jungle," Mystery Girls," Trash," "Pills." David Johansen a true front man out on stage with all the camp and wit expected. Its comforting to know that one can still dress up and go out for a noisy, reckless good time.

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