Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Then Movie: Where the Wild Things Are

This wonderful children's picture book is from the early '60's and is loved around the world. Written by Maurice Sendak it has sold 19 million copies. Maurice came up with the "Things" when at his family's home in Brooklyn. Using his aunts and uncles for the likeness and names of the monsters. This book is about the imagination of a little boy and how it helps him understand his emotions. With little text Maurice uses mostly pictures to tell the story line. In the book Max, the young boy, is sent to his room for acting up. From there his mind takes over and he goes on an adventure to the land of the Wild Things. A book not short on critical acclaim being held high right after its original release. Even then they new that the story has a balance of complex thinking and simplicity. Manohla Dargis noted that "there are different ways to read the wild things, and probably as many ways to ruin this delicate story of a solitary child liberated by his imagination." If you have not read this book go into a bookstore and read it through once or twice. Please glance at this children's book before you see this movie.

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