Monday, October 5, 2009

The Informant! A Steven Soderbergh Film With Matt Damon

Well what do we learn from this strange but funny tail of the highest-ranked executive to ever turn whistle-blower in US history? We learn if your going to talk to the Feds then tell them everything. Or maybe we learned never to talk to the Feds. Director Steven Soderbergh takes us through these events in the early '90's with a blinds eye to how serious this must have been at the time. Matt Damon had to gain 30 pounds to play this underdog of corporate America. Mark Whitacre started working for the FBI by taping his co-workers who where price matching. All this is played out with a amazingly funny narration from Marks brain. As he gets in tense spots all he can think about is how polar bears know their noses are black? His wife is played by Melanie Lynskey and we see her stick up for her man as the real story unravels. This movie is based on true events that Mark put into a book in 2000. Does the book have all the strange and funny facts that run along inside the head of Damon's character? Hope so it makes a good movie. This is a hilarious history lesson.

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