Friday, October 23, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Directed by Spike Jonze

This film was adapted from the beloved book from all of our childhood. A book that had little to say and a lot to show for itself. This Movie not only changes the real part of the small boys life, it also over complicates the fantasy world into a sad almost scary place. The look of the monsters is amazing. They are as furry and strange as you saw them in the covers of the book by Maurice Sendak. With this short story one feels like inside your mind is a wonderful world where you can work through your problems. In this movie the land of the Wild Things is a world with more problems then the real world. The monsters sulk around only being happy for fleeting moments. Max seems sad most of the time, not the young explorer with smiles on his face in the book. The plot is stretched out and stuff just added in. This is not that bad of a movie, it looks great. But the feeling you come out with is nothing near what ones gets when reading this children's book from the '60's.

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