Saturday, October 24, 2009

Type O Negative Oct. 22nd

This Thursday was a New York anomaly. The trains ran on time and without stopping. This made it easy to get to the Nokia in time for Dead Men Dreaming. This local band has a guitar duo that shreds, and a impressive front man. Then Seventh Void came out on stage with Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly from Type O doing double duty on guitar, and drums. Next was Destrophy from Iowa. They had a spread out drum kit with a double bass and at least seven different cymbals. As the night went on the room filled up and then out came Type O Negative. This Gothic metal band from Brooklyn love to joke around with their home town fans. Peter Steele's voice sets the right atmosphere for the music to follow. These melodic songs focus on Relationships, and love with a hint of dark humor. In 1993 the Band had a Platinum album with Bloody Kisses, the first album on Roadrunner Records to reach Gold. After that success the band have stayed on the billboard 200 with most efforts. With their wealth of material they have lots to fill sets with, showing this by starting with "Dead Again" and getting to "Love You To Death" by mid-set. Then ending with "World Coming Down" into "Christian Woman" amped a crowd ready for more. Having already played "Halloween in Heaven" the encore was "Black No. 1" the band's other Halloween song. It's is getting close to the end of October. What are you doing for the 31st? Check out the setlist at..

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