Monday, October 5, 2009

Madeleines In Manhattan By Colette Rossant

Seeing movies in French subtitles, and just finishing a book written by a French woman makes one want some strong coffee and a good pastry. Colette Rossant is known as one of New York's ultimate foodies. She lived in Ciro and Paris for most of her childhood years. Then falling in love, getting married and living in Italy, are all briefly covered in the first two chapters. This small volume is mostly based on her move to Manhattan in the '50's. Everything she writes about is surrounded by food. With charming little recipes after each chapter, you can practically eat you way through this book. Reading along you feel like your following Colette through her life one meal at a time. Lets just say don't read this on a empty stomach. As she gets used to the train and the city she finds there are some things no one wants to get used to. White bread and iceberg lettuce being two things she can't stand. Exploring each neighborhood she finds places that reminded her of home, and places that are totally new. Somehow Colette takes each new experience in stride and they find a way into her cooking. After odd jobs she settles into teaching French. Having a wonderful Husband and eventually children she loves to cook and have guest over. Her guests rave over her strange style in the kitchen. Making the move from midtown to downtown Colette tries to fit in on their new block. With her upfront attitude and pleasant demeanor she wins over most of her new neighbors. In time she becomes a author of many cook books, teaches cooking to kids on PBS, and writes articles for Food Arts Magazine. She even becomes New York Magazine 'Underground Gourmet.' Must have been nice to secretly dine in eateries and then review them. New York is not enough for this lively women. She travels the world not forgetting the food everywhere she goes. She lived a full life moving across the ocean, finding her way in the big city, and having four children. Through it all she is optimistic, positive and most of all hungry.

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