Monday, October 5, 2009

NYC The City That Can't Sleep - Horror Films This October

Every October brings falling leaves, colder weather, and best of all horror movies. Sure you can go out to see the new "Zombieland," but if your a real fan of horror the city's art houses have loads of old films to scare and frighten. Going back all the way to the early 30's we get "Dracula"(31) with Bela Lugosi, and "The Mummy,"(32) two oldies but goodies. Both these classics are part of a double feature at Bam Rose Cinema in Brooklyn on Oct. 19Th. The Film Forum is also doing a gruesome twosome but this engagement last one week from Oct. 30Th - Nov. 5Th. For the price of one admission you get "Theater of blood"(73) were Vincent Price takes revenge on theater critics. (OH NO!) Then for free you get "Scream of Fear" (61) given an x rating by the British censors, so it has to be good. The Sunshine Cinema midnight movies start their fright fest early on Oct. 16Th and 17Th with "Beetlejuice."(89) Then they have the "Lost Boys"(87) on the 23rd and 24Th. And then "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors" (87) on Devils Night and Halloween. Remember the price at the Sunshine goes down to $9.99 for these midnight shows. As an after thought they have "Phyco"(60) on Nov. 20Th and 21st. The Anthology Film Archives is spotlighting Roger Corman. This director is known for his films based on Edgar Allan Poe, and this is what the Archives is bring you starting with "The House of Usher,"(60) with Viscent Price. At the Archives they always go above and beyond. So true with this retrospective going deeper then just the Poe films. So we also get "A Bucket of Blood,"(59) "The ST. Valentine's Day Massacre,"(67) and "Bloody Mama."(70) Don't forget "The Little Shop of Horrors"(60) shot in only two days, what a classic.(see link for showtimes) Rounding out this month of thrills and chills in the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Their Scary Movies 3 is running from Oct 12Th - 22ND with too many great films to go into here.(see link for showtimes) Covering everything scary starting with werewolf's in "An American Werewolf in London,"(81) and "The Curse of the Werewolf."(61) Then the vampires get in a bite with "Horror of Dracula."(58) Zombies, don't forget the zombies!! "Dead-Alive"(92) and "Night of the Living Dead"(90) will cover the flesh eaters this year. Even mother nature gets in on the act with "Long Weekend."(78) Hay if your not green your toast. What horror movie list would be complete without a film by the master Dario Argento. You must get out to see "Creepers aka Phenomena."(85) In this tale of terror Argento works with a 14 year old Jennifer Connelly and we all love her. Lots of ways to get the heart pumping , the blood flowing and the bones shaking this fall. Have fun in the city that can't sleep after these flicks.Movie Art Houses Horror selection:!

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