Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Serious Man A Coen Brothers Picture

The Coen brothers are at it again, and they have really stepped into it this time. Turning their writing in on themselves and putting forth a black comedy about suburban life in the '60's. Strange how universal this story is, even though its about a Jewish family. Every family has problems like brothers fighting with sisters and relatives staying on the couch. Its just that Larry Gopnik's problems seen to pile up. The difference is that when he needs help he go's to a Rabbi, three Rabbi's that is. Hay, Larry has lots of things he doesn't understand. Perception and unknowability seem to be the hidden messages in this movie. But like the rabbi says "We don't get the answers, just the questions. The responsibility is of our side of the Faith." So know one owes us an expiation, not the Coen brothers, not even god.

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