Monday, November 16, 2009

Bassnectar Nov. 13th, 09

Walking through the city on a rainy night can sometimes surprise you. When you think your night is over something else to do justs pops up. This is what happened on the way to Union Square on Friday. Who new that San Francisco based music project slash social experimentation Bassnectar was playing the Fillmore. The show went till two in the morning, so getting there just after midnight meant that Bassnactar had just took the stage. It is hard to see what this dance music is trying to accomplish because it takes on so much. Using some electronic methods to manipulate baselines of all speeds and from almost any source. Name a type of music and it might be mixed in, Rock, Blues, even Salsa. Then don't forget other styles brought in like Rap, Ska and Dub. The place was packed and whatever this music is it does a good job of keeping the kids dancing.

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