Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peaches' Nov 14Th, 09

When it comes to stage shows there is nothing as crazy and sexy as Peaches'. Getting uptown is hard to do sometimes, or maybe getting up to go uptown is the problem. Whichever it was this reporter was not the only one that was late. For one minute Terminal 5 looked like it might stay half empty. Then as she took the stage the floor filled up to where people were almost standing on top of each other. This new show has so many costumes changes it makes ones head spin. She puts it all on then takes it all off, everything from fur to spandex and leather to well virtually nothing. This Canadian is known for her flamboyant stage antics. She has the dance rock thing down to a science. The last album "I feel cream" is more Dance then Rock. Her backing band Sweet Machine get where she is coming from and where she is trying to make the audience go. They all have so many different gadgets, and toys to manipulate beats and feed back. They came out for three encores. On one Peaches' got many in the crowed to take their shirts off. Not everyone got the clothing back, some left topless. And as Peaches' left the stage she said that she hoped it was the best show we had ever seen. It was definitely one of the best. Check out the setlist the best way by listening to it on setlist.fm.

Pictures Coming soon......

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