Monday, November 9, 2009

Gentlemen Broncos

This movie is about a young kid Benjamin (Michael Angarano) that has dreams of being a science fiction writer. His story gets riped off by has been Sci-Fi writer Ronald Chevalier. (Jemaine Clement) This movie is set in the only place in the country that could be so behind the times - Utah. If you are not into Science Fiction or have never been to Utah you might not get all the jokes in this film. If you do read authors like Larry Niven, Piers Anthony, or even Ray Bradbury then you will find this film right up your alley. The on-going joke on book covers is nicely done. Jennifer Coolidge plays the part of the home schooling, church going, popcorn ball making Utah mother, and Sam Rockwell plays the Sci-Fi Hero that represents the dead father. All of this brought together by the support charters, a group of misfits filmmakers, a Garden Angle and some other people that are out of there small town minds. This weird story could only be brought to us by the Creator of "Napoleon Dynamite," Jared Hess. So if you had fun laughing at the dorks before then be prepared to get even dorkier. Again if you have never been to Utah or never picked up a Sci-Fi paper back this could not be for you. (Go out and get a good Sci-Fi novel it will change you life)

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