Wednesday, November 25, 2009

John Fogerty Nov. 24th, 09

With such a busy weekend ahead it is good to start with the classics. John Fogerty is one talented musician and songwriter. His looked and acted just like his band on stage behind him and most of them were 20 years younger. Starting strong with "Green River" and his first hit single with CCR "Susie Q," in the first ten minutes. It could make you dizzy watching him switch guitar's. Seems like he had one of every color gold, red, blue, black, an acoustic, maybe more its was hard to count. There was also a slide guitar and two other guitar players on stage. Fogerty covered the old stuff with a heap of tunes from the 70's. ("Bad Moon Rising", "Born on the Bayou"," Fortunate Son," "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?") He also played "Garden Party", "When Will I Be Loved" and other Solo Hits with stuff from a the new record. He loves the Blues and Country and did covers from both genres. He even brought out some old Buck Owens with "I Don't Care." (Just As Long As You Love Me) Wait is that another guitar? Got to have a bat shaped guitar for the song he opened the new Yankees Stadium with "Centerfield." Fogerty never left the stage except for a split second before a three song encore. His voice is so unchanged over the years and he still likes to rock it. He proves that wearing plaid was always in.

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