Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rock and Roll Alert: AC/DC Backtracks Box Set

"For those about to rock" here is a set for you. This box set is chucked full music including "studio rarities," and has two discs of “live rarities.” This is a huge deal for all of us live music fans. You get two DVDs, three CD's, a hardcover book and “memorabilia from the band’s earliest days of touring.” What kind of Memorabilia? Well a little of everything lithographs, a poster, and a replica of one of the fake $100 bills used to shower audiences during the ‘91 Moneytalks tour. This and much more crap that should send you speeding down memory lane. That's not all they take care of the Vinyl lovers with a LP featuring 12 studio rarities. All this and more stuffed inside a functional 1-watt guitar amplifier. Yes, you can play riffs through you box set like Angus Young does on the Backtracks website. A New box set means new shit from our favorite Aussie band, only $200 BUCKS.

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