Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weezer Oct 31st, 09

After checking out the Halloween Parade some ghost and ghouls went to party's, bars, or just stocked the streets. Lucky for us Weezer was playing a show over at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Getting in just in time to see them crawl out on to the stage dressed like big bugs. They could not do the whole show in those costume, so they invited some even luckier fans up on stage to rip off the bug parts. As always it was a upbeat show with lots of hits and some new material. Weezer is a fun band to see on the 31st of October because of all the dancing animals, action hero's, and other funny get-ups. They had some opening acts, and did not take the stage to after nine o'clock, than they finished at eleven thirty. A short set for a Holiday, but a good one. They even did covers of Kids by Brooklyn's MGMT, and Poker Face by New York's Favorite lady, Lady Gaga. Check out the setlist on There you can find a video of the band in there bug costumes doing Hash Pipe.

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