Monday, November 16, 2009

DIR EN GREY Nov. 13th, 09

This Friday was the not only the 13Th, but was the last show of a three night run at the Gramercy for the Japanese band Dir En Grey. This band formed over ten years ago and has crossed the language barriers to become popular across the US and around the world. Their sound and stage show is Gothic in nature, but hard to place in a genre. Stylistic and progressive could be two of many adjectives used to describe their music. They performed with the Deftones for a small run and now have kids sleeping on the streets of NYC to get into a packed theater. The Bassist (Toshiya) and Guitarists (Kaoru) have a tight sound together on stage. Vocalist (Kyo) is known for his effortless switch from harmonious singing to deep growl, which mesmerized this young crowed without a word of English. The best part was the drummer (Shinya) and his 52 piece Pearl drum kit with three drums and two cymbals over his head. This was a incredible show one to catch next time if you could get in.

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