Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pirate Radio

There is no disputing Rock 'n' Roll has shaped are lives. The last five decades have given us so many tunes, riffs, and love songs. It is hard to believe the British government was against Rock 'n' Roll on the radio, but they were in 1966. The '60's was the age of the concept album. This brought about some of the best Rock music of all time. In the '70s it was said that radio was king. That might not have happened without some upstarts in the UK and their pirate radio stations. When you think pirate radio an unlicensed station in someones basement might come to mind. No this was real "Pirate Radio" on boats in the ocean off England pumping out rock and or roll. In this movie music and comedy mix with some of our favorite actors as the DJ's. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays "The Count," the only American on this ship of Brits. The captain of this "ship of fools" is Quentin played Bill Nighy. In this movie, as in life, the government in the bad guy and Kenneth Branagh plays the top Brit is in charge of sinking the ship. This is all brought to us from "feel good" director Richard Curtis which gave us “Bridget Jone’s Diary,” “Notting Hill,” and “Love Actually." Yet another great movie set in one of the best decades. Here you get it all the sex, the love, and the rock 'n' roll.

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