Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pixies Nov. 26th, 09

It seems that New York has a sweet spot for bands from Massachusetts. Strange that some of the states residents are "Massholes" and others are Rock Gods. But if you go up to say.. Boston you find great venues and killer shows. You can and will find that most of the state knows how to rock, its just some of their laws that suck. One being that you can only buy booze if you have in state ID. Lucky for bands like the Pixies we don't card them for a drink. They graced NYC with their presence four times in the last week. Selling out show after show, was a snap. They even added a late night show and we all love to support late night in the city that never sleeps. A fan on the way out said that the Pixies did three songs, then Doolittle in its entirety and then three more songs. The smart late night audience got much more. First you thought it was over at "Into the White," ready to find you coat after "Nimrod's Son," but no they came out a third time with "Where Is My Mind." The next time you hear, "The Pixies are coming!! The Pixies are coming!! either hide or grab a ticket.

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