Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Metallica Nov. 15th, 09

Metallica always puts on a great show. This last weekend they put on two great shows. Some concert professionals got in to both shows, others settled for one. One Sunday the set dove deeper into the old stuff then the night before. Late seems to be a theme this week, late getting out of work and late trains makes one too late for the open acts. When finally getting inside the Garden you could see that this was different then other Metallica shows. The stage was set up in the round with the people packed on the floor in all directions. When they took the stage a laser show blazed through the whole room. Then after the lasers the giant casket shaped lightning trusses move up and down with every song. They did not skimp on the lights, that is for sure. These California boys used almost ever spot light rig in the ceiling of MSG. The drums turned around in one slow circle so you could see Lars from every angle. It was cool to see his feet on the bass drum peddles. Not only did one get to see the band from all sides, but you could enjoy seeing the crowed at the far end of the stage go crazy. This was one of the coolest crowds at the garden all year. There was not one, but two mash pits, and tons of kids crowd surfing. The security guards where not pulling people down but pushing them back over the crowd. Metallica only left the stage to pick up a new guitar or for the movement of the drums. It was a night for deep cuts and heavy riffs. If there is a chance to see Metallica go and have the time of your life.

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